Our trench boxes are built in the USA and are designed to exceed all OSHA safety requirements.  We deliver affordable trench shielding & shoring that gets the job done.

Client Testimonial

  • "We like what we see. The articles are interesting, and I would like to learn and hear more. We would appreciate it if you keep sending them our way."

    Dave Rees, Rees Construction
  • "I like the web connection. The info on boxes is helpful. During emergencies we have to lease boxes. Also, the interviews and news reels are something I can use during safety meetings. Thank you."

    Michael Rattler, Safety SW Mgr. City of Kannapolis
  • "I really appreciate you keeping our industry up to speed on the importance and use of safety shoring. I look forward to receiving more information regarding this. Thanks for your continued efforts of this."

    Brian Plymale, Department of Public Works Operations. City of Rockville
  • "I wanted to thank Kundel again for strengthening our relationship. I have received leads from your office and great feedback from our sales force. I am sure that our partnership will keep growing. Thanks again for your involvement."

    Dan Rodgers, Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co.
  • "There is no reason or excuse to not use Trench Shields or Trench Shoring. Digging a trench is no different than building a house, it takes planning, quality people and quality equipment. Keep your employees safe in the trenches so they can go home to their families too."

    Willie Wise, Kokosing Construction Co.

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