Preventing Trench Cave-Ins Will Save You a Ton of Money

Mar 09 2018

Trenching is well known in the construction business. It is an excavation that is used when pipes, water mains, electrical conduits and other materials need to be buried. Soil conditions, jointing systems, and other principals are combined to determine the width and depth of the trench.

Of great concern for any company is the possibility of a trench cave-in, which can not only cause the death of a worker but lead to an extensive investigation by government agencies as well as liability expenses. It makes more sense to properly shore up a trench rather than to incur these charges.

Wide trenches are of particular concern to the contractor, especially in areas where there are poor soil conditions. This can include such things as sandy soil, large rocks, and other situations. As a rule, bedding materials are placed in the bottom of the trench to assure a smooth area for the object being installed. However, this does nothing to stabilize the sides.

For many years this type of work has had the problem of a possible soil collapse. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows, from 2000 through 2006, 271 workers died from excavation or trenching cave-ins. This type of situation can be avoided when proper trench boxes are used.

A solution to avoiding this type of situation using good trench boxes. There are two main types of trench boxes, the Titan and the Safeguard

The Titan Series Trench boxes are excellent for trench collapsing prevention. Made of steel, they are solidly welded, have solidly forged spreader collars and many other features that assure complete support. This series is produced in Titan Basic 5, 6, 8 and Titan Plus 3, 5, 6, 8 and Titan Brute 3, 5, 6 and 8. 

This series also has durable steel designs for all types of jobs from small excavations to deep ones. It is designed for a production depth of 14’ to 17‘, with a side wall of -5” up to a production depth of 20’ to 24’ with a side wall of -8-1/2”. 

Another excellent trench cave-in protection is offered by the Safeguard Series – aluminum trench boxes. These light-weight boxes offer modular solutions for maintenance and repair work. They are available in the Shorelite, V-Panel, Trenshore, Timbershore, Multishore and Tuffguy Series

These aluminum panels feature the advantages of being lightweight, compact and modular. Their primary use is for spot repairs. Panels are 24” high and are available in lengths of 4’ to 10’. The series depth runs from 5’ to 20’.

Contacting a company that is established in the business of trench boxes will assure a safe environment for employees who are working in this type of construction. Calling Kundelshields at 330-259-9009 is the first step in this direction.