Aluminum Trench Boxes - Safeguard Series

Safeguard Series - Aluminum Trench Boxes

Sewer and Waterline Maintenance and Repair Applications

The SafeGuard aluminum trench box series was created to offer light-weight, modular solutions for repair and maintenance work. This series is the backbone for:
  • Plumbers
  • Utility Companies
  • General Industry
  • Government Agencies with Underground Maintenance Departments

Compatible Modular Components

Our SafeGuard series utilizes standard modular components that work together to solve any underground problem you encounter. Purchasing one kit gives you the freedom to add on additional components to create an entirely new system:

  • Need to purchase an entirely new system for your next job?
    Not with SafeGuard. As your needs develop from job to job, you can simply add additional components as you go.
  • Running out of room to store you systems?
    Kundel’s modular components can be reconfigured, meaning less wasted storage space.