Steel Trench Boxes & Shoring Boxes - Titan Series

Titan Series - Steel Trench Boxes

Mainline Sewer & Water Installation and Specialty Trench Box Applications

The Titan Series Trench Box was designed and built with nothing but the contractor in mind. This series trench box brings the most innovative, productive and longest-lasting trench shields available to the market. Titan offers some features and benefits that are only available on a Kundel shield, such as:
  • Solid Welded
  • Solid Forged Spreader Collars
  • All-Steel Design
  • Internal Pounding Members
  • Formed Internal Skin
  • Outside Skin Supported 16’’ On Center
These are just a few of the features guaranteed to increase your productivity while giving you a more durable, lighter-weight product than anything else out there.

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